Let us turn our ‘book-of life’ back to the 1970s era. By this time, Intensive Care Unit may have been introduced and most probably growing in some area around the world, but, not until 1971 Indonesia has finally proud to announce the first Intensive Care Unit in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) which then followed by Surabaya in 1976. As we all know, ICU is a section of each hospital where most patients have their own special case that needs to be taken care of intensively (regardless their gender and/or age). Now, Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) is the studies where doctors, specialists or medical student has to fully understand the principles/guidelines in how to treat Intensive Care patients appropriately and accordingly. Since everyday new cases are found around the world due to fact of life, the ICM studies needs to be updated regulary to meet the international standards and are always prepared on treating such new cases. The Indonesian ICM has been man by the Indonesian Society of Anaesthesiologists (anaesthetist – US) which in 1995 they have received an approval of sub-specialisation topic in Intensive Care.

In order to be a professional Intensive Care specialist consultant, a specialist requires to be updated all the time, but unfortunately the balance between ICM standards globally and the professionalism does not match. Then, the thought of running an organization to overcome this problem in Indonesian ICM has arised. In exactly the day of 28 February 1999 there were eight members of anaesthesiologists presents to form Perhimpunan Dokter Intensive Care Indonesia (PERDICI) organization or as they appear today internationally as Indonesian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ISICM).

PERDICI has since become more bigger organization with many specialists involved and joining the organization from around Indonesia to bring PERDICI into better Intensive Care consultant. PERDICI has only been around for short time and yet they work hard to be a better Intensive Care professionals. This is a challenging organization to run specially in Indonesia where the country is still developing.

The reason PERDICI was formed because Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) has grown rapidly at most regions around the world and Indonesia tries to keep up with the new technology and/or standards. Those who did not quite understand the connection between Anaesthesiology and ICM, ICM is one of the main topic in anaesthetic studies. These anaesthesiologists has always been supporting ICU globally in terms of practices, studies and research. However, anaesthesiologists are not the only specialist doctor who works in ICU or ICM, there are other specialist right until this moment has joined in or even General Practitioner (GP) who are capable/talented in handling ICM. They travel around the world to exhchange knowledge amongst them selves, some region may never got the same cases as our doctors had come across with. This organization focuses on its medical services, not its product.

Therefore, by forming PERDICI, we all hoping that the Indonesian ICM could always be at the same standards as other developed regions around the world. PERDICI appreciate your support in making the organization up at its feet and value your help to make it a better organization.