News Update

Perhimpunan Dokter Intensive Care Indonesia (PERDICI) or internationally known as Indonesian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ISICM)


Dear colleagues,

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We would like to inform you and your organization that we have just launched the World Sepsis Day website: This website contains a wealth of information about sepsis, about World Sepsis Day (WSD), and about global supporters of the WSD movement.

As you know, the WFSICCM is a founding member of the Global Sepsis Alliance, and wholeheartedly supports the targets set out in the World Sepsis Declaration for 2020.

We ask you as a WFSICCM member organisation to inform members of your society about this initiative, and to ask them to register individually or on behalf of their organization or institution as supporters of WSD. This can be achieved either directly via the WSD website or by contacting More than 250 hospitals, close to 100 professional societies, and numerous health care workers worldwide have already joined this movement. With your help, we can achieve the goal of the WSD coalition to get at least 1000 institutions registered as WSD supporters by September 13th 2012. Once an individual or organization registers on our website, they will receive a personal login and password that allows them to download a wide range of materials such as flyer templates, logos, power point presentations, posters etc.

There are a number of different ways to actively support the World Sepsis Day campaign and to raise awareness about sepsis worldwide. It is vital that we achieve this heightened awareness not only among health care professionals, but also the general public and politicians. We propose that supporting institutions organize one or more of the following formats:

  1. Organize a press conference in the capital of your country if you are a national organization or in other cities if you are a local organization or represent a hospital. For media activities, all relevant press materials such as the Sepsis Fact Sheet and the World Sepsis Declaration and graphics are free to download as electronic press kits via the WSD website (you don’t need any password). In the press section we are also regularly publishing news about events and new supporting organizations. So if you have any news that you think will be relevant for the website you can send us a short article (not more than 3-4 sentences) and the link and logo if available. Moreover, you will find on our website (not later than August 15th) a template for a press release for World Sepsis Day that you can change according to your needs.
  2. Participating hospitals could organize an open day (open house) on or around September 13th to inform the general public about sepsis. Survivors of sepsis, and those bereaved by sepsis, tell powerful stories of how their lives have been affected. Likewise you could plan a sepsis symposium inviting health care workers of your hospital or even of your region to educate themselves more about sepsis. To support these activities we will provide participating organizations with information materials such as printing templates for flyers and posters, infographics and educational power points on our WSD website. All materials are available for downloading as toolkits to individuals, hospitals and organizations registering on the WSD website once they have received their personal login and password. The following link brings you directly to the registration site:
  3. Participants could organize or contribute to a charity event that raises awareness and collects money for financing WSD activities; or to support one special project that is connected with sepsis prevention or sepsis long-term complications and individual stories. At the moment there will be three big charity events on September 13th in Berlin (Germany), New York (US) and London (UK).
  4. Hospitals and organizations could organize a sepsis survival light event or something similar. Attached please find a suggestion for such a light event that we will have in Germany in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. We will place hundreds of tea lights there representing the numbers of patients inflicted by sepsis in Germany per year. The time until each candle is burning down which is approx. after 3-4 hours symbolizes the optimal time frame for sepsis treatment and makes clear that sepsis is an emergency.
  5. All participants can stay informed about what happens around World Sepsis Day and sepsis in the press by joining us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( These social media platforms can also be used to highlight your own projects or plans.
  6. With registration on the WSD website, and the received personal login and password details, individuals and institutions will be able to post their events for World Sepsis Day on our international WSD event calendar that will be online from August 1st.
  7.  Since it is the first World Sepsis Day we are more than happy to hear about other ideas and suggestions for events and activities that bring the theme of sepsis and World Sepsis Day into the spotlight and contribute to at least one of our targets set out in the World Sepsis Declaration. Please let us know your ideas and plans, so we will be able to put them as news on our website and to forward them to other supporters to join in. Spread the word and help to make World Sepsis Day a successful global event! Let us join forces in our fight against sepsis.

Thank you very much for your support of this important initiative.

Prof. E. Jimenez – President WFSICCM
Prof. J.L. Vincent – Secretary WFSICCM
Prof. K. Reinhart – Chairman GSA