Perhimpunan Dokter Intensive Care Indonesia (PERDICI) or internationally known as Indonesian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ISICM) is an organization that managed and run by Intensive Care specialists. These specialists are all God’s most talented and gifted creation. They love doing their job in helping the needed ones.

The reason PERDICI was established because Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) has grown rapidly at most regions around the world and Indonesia tries to keep up with the new technology and/or standards. People who do not quite understand the connection between Anaesthesiology and ICM, ICM is one of the main topic in Anaesthetic studies. These Anaesthetist has always been supporting ICU globally in terms of practices, studies and research. However, Anaesthetist are not the only Intensive Care specialist who works in ICU or ICM, there are other specialists right until this moment has joined in or even General Practitioner (GP) who are capable/talented in handling ICM. They travel around the world to exhchange knowledge amongst them selves, some region may never got the same cases as the Indonesian ICU had come across with. This organization focuses on its term of Intensive Care consultant.

Therefore, by forming PERDICI, we all hoping that the Indonesian ICM could always be at the same standards as other developed regions around the world. PERDICI appreciate your support in making the organization up at its feet and value your help to make it a better organization.

To view PERDICI guidelines in Indonesian Intensive Care Medicine, simply go to ICU Guideline or HCU Guideline link from the main menu selection.


Mengembangkan dan meningkatkan pengetahuan dibidang ilmu Intensive Care Medicine di Indonesia, agar mampu bersaing di era globalisasi seiring dengan berkembangnya ilmu Intensive Care Medicine melalui pendidikan, penelitian dan pengembangan profesional.


  1. Meningkatkan dan mengkoordinasikan kegiatan-kegiatan dalam bidang ilmu Intensive Care Medicine di Indonesia.
  2. Memperjuangkan dan memelihara kepentingan serta kedudukan dokter Intensive Care di Indonesia sesuai dengan harkat dan martabat profesi kedokteran.
  3. Berperan serta dalam mengembangkan pendidikan dan penelitian ilmu Intensive Care Medicine di Indonesia.
    Memberikan rekomendasi dalam mengoptimalkan fasilitas-fasilitas ICU kepada pemerintah.